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My name is epi. This site is a long-overdue braindump so I can quickly reference things I often have to look up again or dig through code/notes etc to find. If any of these posts help you at all, that’s great! Please feel free to use/share anything you come across here.

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Apr 24, 2019

How to Hunt Bugs in SAML; a Methodology - Part III

These posts are meant to provide a background and testing methodology. However, a methodology should not be confused with a strict checklist. We’ve discussed a lot of different SAML vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them, but bug discovery can often require creativity and applying different variations on existing techniques. A great example is Owning SAML. In the post, the author, Rick Osgood, found an open redirect vulnerability in the RelayState parameter passed alongside the normal SAML Response. Read more


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