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My name is epi. This site is a long-overdue braindump so I can quickly reference things I often have to look up again or dig through code/notes etc to find. If any of these posts help you at all, that’s great! Please feel free to use/share anything you come across here.

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Jun 16, 2021

Course Review - Offensive Security's Windows User Mode Exploit Development (EXP-301/OSED)

Howdy! I’ve never written an OffSec course review, as there was always an abundance of them written already for whatever course I was taking at the time (with the possible exception of AWAE/OSWE). Due to the interest shown in my DMs and replies, I figured I’d put together a brief overview / review of the course along with what questions I’ve gotten the most from folks. For some quick background, this is my fourth OffSec certification. Read more


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